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U9-U12 Players (and trapped 8th graders in the fall season): The club provides several levels of

competitive play for our players from the highest divisions and leagues throughout the region, and U.S., to

local leagues that provide proper competition while limiting travel.

Rosters: Players will be placed in an environment deemed appropriate by Directors and coaching staff;

based on pools competency in the four components (Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental). The

coaching staff will mix rosters to provide different competition levels, increase soccer IQ, and effectiveness

for the chance to maintain a spot or advance in the player pool.

About: These rosters will compete and play in the highest divisions and leagues available. 

ONPL (Girls), GLA (Boys) and Pre-Da (Boys).

All players are encouraged to train as many days as possible per week and demonstrate they

are in the higher percentage of the four components in the player pool: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental.

 Occasionally travel across town to train with other pool players.  They will play in local leagues and

tournaments as well as attend a few high level events, throughout the Midwest, in the fall, winter, and spring

of each year with a dedicated effort to advancing to the regional and national qualifiers.  Each Black Roster

will work to improve their team’s “Got Soccer” resume which open up opportunities to compete in higher

level tournaments throughout the United States.

Commitment: All players encouraged to train as many days as possible per week and demonstrate they are

in the higher percentage of the four components in the player pool (Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental).

Occasionally travel across town to train with other pool players.  Game travel is usually no more than an

hour away in NE Ohio with fewer overnight stays.


**Training players: Training players are sometimes included into pool training when coaches believe that

those players can benefit from the CFSC program, contribute to the training environment, and grow as

soccer players. Training players do not participate in games. Training players pay $151 a month training fee.

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Registration Questions:

Zoran Cancar
Boys Administration

Registration Questions:

Nicole Houde
Girls Administration

Operations Questions:

Marko Raduka
Soccer Operations Director


Technical Questions:

Everett Palache
Director of Coaching



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U9 - U12 Cost for All Training, Tryouts, and Registration fees: $1,595.00

Season begins Mid-August and ends in June.

Outdoor seasons = 3 practices week per

Indoor season = 2 practices per week

**Additional Costs
 will include Performance Training, Tournaments and depending on

the competitive nature of your roster/team, other charges will apply including Showcases,

Tournaments & Regional Leagues which will be spelled out prior to the season.

To view the fee schedule for age pool roster events: 

Please log into your account and go to the “Member Area” in top toolbar.


U9 - U12 
(2011-2008) Payment Plans are available as follows:

$85 Tryout Fee Due prior to Tryouts- REFUNDABLE only if not admitted to the club 

$151 Due upon acceptance to age pool (July 1, 2019)
$151 - Due August 1, 2019
$151 - Due September 1, 2019
$151 - Due October 1, 2019
$151 - Due November 1, 2019
$151 - Due December 1, 2019
$151 - Due January 1, 2020
$151 - Due February 1, 2020
$151 - Due March 1, 2020
$151 - Due April 1, 2020


- Force Sports Richmond
- Force Sports Northfield
- Multiplex / Word Church
- Caps Fieldhouse
- Notre Dame College
- CSU Krenzler Field

 - Cleveland United Complex
- Force Sports Rocky River
- Force Sports Westlake
- T3 Performance
- Lost Nation Sports Park West
- Oberlin College 

- Force Sports Eastlake
- Lost Nation Sports Park East
- Hawken Upper School

- Force Sports Fairlawn
- Pinnacle Sports Medina
- North Coast Soccer
Complex "Lodi"



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